First Date Hotspots According to Survey!

A survey by on-demand dating application Clover revealed that plenty of first-time couples want to venture to venues where they could converse or eat their hearts out. While first dates could be a do-or-die thing among blind and set up dates, going to Starbucks might be the lack of imagination on the part of boys when it comes to dating.

You might say that post-college, many of the daters using Clover may have stuck a bit with their lifestyle. Hey, boys and girls, you all have a job and maybe a little imagination and some spending would do nicely to take your partner out to a good date!

While there are those, there are also some good ideas such as Applebees, The LongHorn Steakhouse and PF Chang’s. But still, I’d say this is a bad reflection of dating mostly for guys simply because nobody would feel too good talking in a fast-food or restaurant chain!

Check out this infographic to see what I mean!

CASH PROBLEMS: Know The Best Cheap Ways to Go Out On a Date

Having a friendly pocket doesn’t always mean that you can get almost everything that you want, especially when you are out on a date. The thing that really matters the most is the way on how you spend time with your partner even though you are out of budget or just having an organized budget list, except if you are a big time and do whatever you want your monthly income or whatsoever.

They are many cheap ways to save more when your dating, and the next following tips and tricks will help you out especially when you are on a tight budget. If you think girls dig into expensive dinners, thing again. Girls love to go out on stroll and have a chat together in public rather than talk in private and expensive restaurants. You can have workout together, say like do jogging or pedaling around the city’s scenic parts.

The quick stops is where you get to talk much likely or closely, but you can talk while the two of you pedal along the road. If your partner is less athletic or just simply lazy enough to take out some sweat, you will have to do some encouragement about staying fit and healthy. Food? No worries, you can eat cheaply made delicious veggies. You can prepare them before going out or keeping them fresh under the fridge.

Once to take into the stops and have a rest, you can take them out and have a nice chat while you both chow down the food. Sounds healthy, yet it also gives you many things to talk to. If she approves to be your partner in breaking some sweat or exercise, this could be your great chance. Just show her that you are an ideal disciplined one when it comes to staying fit and healthy. For more details, you can watch the video below for more tips and tricks about having a date on a tight budget.

For Guys: Getting Straight Advice For Dating From A Woman

Yes, you know about this. We all know that we have that one bro-girl we talk to whenever we fail to get our groove on with a date. Particularly, this bro-girl you have will tell you about the many times you’ve chickened out asking a girl out on a date? Well, I know, that many times! I have my own bro or wing-girl advising me on things to do and how to make good on a date when I have no idea what to do.

While this may all sound like rubbish, Kezia Noble’s idea is prestige and useful. In fact, there’s no trouble at all to the number of times you’ve asked for help from your wing girl. But then again, it’s never always easy, and it’s very easy to relate to what Kezia has to say about dating and men right here!

You Weren’t Doing Anything Wrong, In Fact You Were Doing Everything Right!

Dating sucks. That’s what we all say when our first date ends up in fire and smoke. However, it’s really not your fault though. Despite our preparation and consideration, dates can end up pretty much how we don’t want it to be simply because we show our true nature to our dates by accident or not.

It’s not really because you were doing something wrong. It’s never wrong to be yourself. It’s never really wrong to admit that you were wrong too. Maybe he or she just doesn’t see you being with him or her. Maybe he or she didn’t ‘feel’ anything towards you. Despite that fresh-smelling fragrance and that decorous outfit, it’s that that kind of feeling that he or she may want.

It’s possible that you came on too strong. Your fault? Nope. It’s just you being you. However, it is important that you view it as your certain form of weakness. It is something that needs to be toned down only if you ask yourself and other people find it to be the following: annoying, hassling, troubling, disturbing. Stop if you find people who tell you about them in one out of four ways.

Maybe he or she felt dishonesty within you when you conversed with him. This is possible. Many of us will want to cover our flaws before we even begin talking to another person. Most humans have this natural habit because we want to impress the other party. We want to look as their ideal. This is wrong. Nobody can be someone’s ideal. In fact, the two people in the opposing sides of the relationships should accept the fact that the person they are with is someone imperfect.

In this regard, nobody who is dating deserves someone ideal or perfect simply because they themselves aren’t perfect themselves. While it would be nice to find someone close to perfection, simply forcing or manipulating the other person to become your ideal isn’t helping your date become better successively.

When you understand that your ideal man or woman doesn’t exist with your dates, you make your dating more fun for yourself. You also become wary of the signs of how people tend to like you and you also understand when to stop with a date that isn’t going anywhere (ie. When they’re falling in love with the wrong side of you. When they do not show you the real you).

You were doing everything right from the start, I can tell you that. You were doing everything to the best of your ability. Your grooming or proper dress-up for your date shows how you’re willing to exert to please your date and soon to be possible partner. If you want to make them interested in you, you have to be mysterious. Trust me, every human has something mysterious within tham that makes them irresistible, if they only knew how.

That’s where us at the ASDJS Dating Tips and Tricks want to help you with. We want you to realize the potential already inside of you. We’re here to help you and finally you won’t tell yourself that you were wrong when it came to dating failure. We’re here to give you dating success and to prove that you were always right all along!